It is important to have a digital marketing strategy in place for just any business. Having a clearly defined digital marketing strategy is essential for taking advantage of growing online marketing opportunities.

We work with businesses to arm them with successful digital marketing strategies. Depending on the business model, we understand, review and analyze all the areas of your business that can benefit from being online. We follow a strategic digital approach that brings together multiple marketing channels in a cohesive strategy that accelerates growth for your business.

With the vision in place, and a detailed marketing plan, your business will be able to nurture a rich web presence that generates positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Digital Review

Not happy with the results from your website? It’s time to go in for a digital review of your business. We will perform a detailed study of your business process and user behavior online using various measurement tools. The reports generated will provide us a story about your website.

A review can be done annually to analyze the need of new additions or updates on the site.

The output provided by our review is similar to getting a report card on the website. It will have feedback on areas that can change from a 3rd party perspective, thus leaving no room for personal bias.

Research and Analysis

The biggest advantage of Digital Advertising and Marketing is that there is always statistical data which can help the decision making process. There is very little or no room for guesswork, as important decisions can be backed by data and analysis.

The initial research and analysis phase is intellectually very taxing, as it involves thinking about the business from all possible aspects – namely, business environment, products, services, finance, company history, clients, vendors, time to market, offering, competition, pricing and existing market forces. Thus, our business analysts literally burn the night oil to make sure the output we get is comprehensive and something that will help your business move forward.

The assumptions and limitations of the process are always shared with the client at the beginning to make sure the approach is in the desired direction.

 Our process includes

  • User Interviews and Questionnaires
  • Data and Analytical Reviews
  • Guerilla research and testing
  • Marketplace, Competition and search opportunity analysis

Digital Marketing Roadmap

The digital marketing roadmap is the result of our digital review for your business, and the research and analysis executed by our experts on your business. Digital Marketing roadmap encompasses all aspects of your business – from the need your business is addressing, identifying the target audience and their habits, to having successful conversions from the digital channel.

The USP we offer is all our campaigns and suggestions will provide measurable ROI, as all of them are designed around business objectives.

Our marketing roadmap will include everything that is required for gaining success online and offline. Our online strategy can be combined with offline user interactions to make your business more attractive. We feel humans are social and an offline touch at some point in the process is necessary to make customers feel they are not interacting with robots.

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