A good strategy always finds its way through the papercuts, ink stains, and clashing heads.

1. Strategy

You want a bright start. You already know that a digital marketing strategy will help you simplify the maze of online opportunities.

We can help. To be frank, we breathe successful digital marketing strategies. It is one of the primary skills we have developed over the last decade. We read, understand, analyze, and review all the areas of your business that can benefit from being online. We bring together multiple marketing channels in a strategy that pushes you out into the digital world.

With the vision in place, and a detailed marketing plan, your business will be able to deepen its web presence. The reward is a growing Return on Investment (ROI).

2. Digital Review

There is another situation from which you may want to start with us.

You already have an online presence. But you’re not happy with its results.

We will compose a digital review of your business. Using various measurement tools, we undertake a detailed study of your business processes, target audience segments, and user behavior online. The reports generated will tell a story about your website and social media handles. This story will inform our next move.

This can be a continuous process. To keep up with the world, you might want an annual digital review to confirm the need for new updates. We are happy to undertake that as well.

Our review is similar to getting a report card on the website. Using popular key performance metrics, it will give unbiased feedback on areas that can improve. You don’t have to worry about human emotion clouding the analysis.

3. Research and Analysis

Everyone worries about sunk costs, but you don’t have to worry too much. The biggest advantage of digital marketing is that there is always statistical data which can inform the decision-making process. There is very little or no room for guesswork. Important decisions are generally backed by data and analysis. The initial research and analysis phase is intellectually taxing. It involves thinking about the business from all possible angles, viz. business environment, products, services, finance, company history, clients, vendors, time to market, offering, competition, pricing, and existing market forces. Our business analysts burn the night oil to make sure the output we give is comprehensive—something that will push your business forward. The assumptions and limitations of the process are always shared with the client at the beginning to make sure the approach is in the desired direction.

Our process includes

  • User Interviews and Questionnaires
  • Data and Analytical Reviews
  • Guerilla Research and Testing
  • Marketplace, Competition, and Search Opportunity analysis

5. Digital Marketing Roadmap

The road ahead is often blurry. Data clears it.

We use that data to create a roadmap for your online presence’s future. The digital marketing roadmap is the natural result of our digital review of your business. It encompasses all aspects of your business – from the need your business is addressing, to identifying the target audience and their habits, to having successful conversions from the digital channel.

All our campaigns and suggestions will provide measurable ROI, as all of them are designed around business objectives. Our marketing roadmap will include everything that is required for gaining success online and offline. Our online strategy can be combined with offline user interactions to make your business more attractive.

We understand that humans are social, and an offline touch is occasionally necessary to make customers feel they are not interacting with robots. Focus on your core business processes and we’ll take care of detailing the future of your online presence.


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We can manufacture magic: that winning combination of looks, humor and charm that allows your brand to stand out from the crowd.

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Web Site

We design, build, and maintain websites that keep pace with our increasingly digital world. We place information architecture.

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We build customized mobile-first solutions - for both iOS and Android - taking your idea from rough sketch to polished product.

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