Pay-Per-Click Marketing



Speeding up the discovery process for your business

Online purchase is generally a three-part process on the part of your prospective customers.

They will want to research the features of the product or service, look around for options, and eventually settle on the one that fits their needs best.

Stats show that most of their “looking around” activity will be relegated to the first 3 pages of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and if you do not have the organic keyword rankings to be there currently, you may not be able to afford the loss of business.

A well-worked SEO campaign can get you there, but, in the period that it takes to build your website’s authority, you can boost your visibility with paid ads that are displayed right at the top of the SERPs. Through the last decade, we have been using Google Ads to support companies in their quest to reach prospective customers and leads in double-quick time, lighting the spark that fires up their online business.

We have a team who understand the budgetary concerns at micro-level, who can design a pay-per-click marketing campaign for you right down to a rupee. We will even do the unpleasant task of convincing you to spend more money when we see that the consequences will be worth it!

We offer the whole range of PPC marketing services, price-tiered for your convenience: Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Shopping Ads, Google Analytics linkage, and we will even theme your campaigns as per the trends of your target audience and market.

We recommend that you choose the one with detailed reporting because we can use the KPIs to perfect the next step of your PPC campaign.

Get the drop on the future. With us.