Email Marketing



The trusty arrow that always hits the target.

Email marketing lives on. 

It is one of the oldest mediums of digital marketing, one that does not seem to turn obsolete no matter how much change occurs in this world of algorithms, social media micro-communities, and decentralized power.

It endures because it is direct. 

It contacts the prospective customer in the space the customer still retains for personal or professional need. According to several research papers, most earning adults check their emails at least once a week, and a still large component checks their email multiple times a week.

So, it is where your business and its marketing campaign will, in all likelihood, catch relevant eyes. With increasingly advanced email marketing providers and tools in the industry, businesses now have a lot to choose from, to reach the prospective customers they want.

But do you really have the time to curate all of this?

Like almost every other form of digital, email marketing has complexified. 

You need to do far more than just come up with tactful email copy, subject lines, CTA, and images—data that adheres to your brand voice. 

Given people’s general resistance to parting with their personal/work emails, you will need to understand how to incentivize them and build your email lists through lead magnets, opt-in forms, and social media marketing. 

You will need to automate email marketing campaigns based on buyer persona/journey segments, autoresponders (or a drip campaign), and workflows. You will also need to segment them based on various criteria like decision stage, geography, age, industry, timezone, etc. From research 9:30PM IST is a good time to send mails if your business is on a global scale!. 

You will need to inspect analytics such as open rates, click through rates, unsubscribes, and deliverables. You will need to use these analytics to A/B test different aspects of the email over as many buyer personae journeys.  

We, as a digital marketing firm, have mastered the nuances of email marketing for over a decade.

When you come to us, you are effectively giving yourself a chance to focus on your core business. 

And we are happy to help.