Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Paid marketing planned to give the best ROI


PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing represents the largest paid marketing channel on the Internet. By running a sponsored ad on search engines, you can be assured of gaining real-time visibility for your brand and products or services. This results in attracting relevant and targeted traffic to your website, leading to more enquiries, leads and boost in sales and profits.

Our PPC team comprising of Google AdWords Certified Experts studies your business, your competition online and the demand generated by specific keywords. They will allocate a budget based on the keywords relevant to your business to attract traffic.  The team also supervises your account daily and if required does modifications to address changing keyword trends and market response, helping you get the best ROI from PPC.

PPC PLANSStarterSilverGoldPlatinumCustom
ChannelsGoogleGoogleGoogle, Bing, FacebookGoogle, Bing, Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter &
Other Social Channels
Initial Call Setup
Account Setup
Search Network
Display Network
Video Ads Campaign
Shopping Ads
Campaign Theming
Keyword Research & Bid Management550120025006000 plusUnlimited
Competitive Analysis
Ad Copy Writing
A/B Ad Copy Testing
Conversion Tracking
Images Ads
Landing Page Consultation
Video Ads
Daily Account Management
Analytics Setup Consultation
Linking AdWords with Analytics
Analytics Reports
Weekly Report
Monthly Report
Custom Reports
Customer Support
Email Support
Chat Support
Call Support
Pricing IndiaINR 8000 Rs Or 10% Which ever is higherINR 15000 Rs Or 10% Which ever is higher.INR 28000 Rs Or 08% Which ever is higher.INR 45000 Rs Or 08% Which ever is higher.Contact US

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